Saturday, October 22, 2011

Prompt # 8

This weekend I do not plan to do anything special. Today, I went to see our school's football team play for homecoming. It was the first time I have ever been to a football game, so most of the time I was lost. The good thing is that we won. Another thing I did today was perform for Rochester Revenue. I am happy because I was for this performance, I was ten times more confident. Because I was secure about myself, I actually enjoyed performing. Thankfully, I did not mess up like I did last performance at Tropicana. Tomorrow will be a relax day for me. During this whole week, I tried planning my work out perfectly so that most of my homework will be done by Friday. This is my last homework assignment for this week:) The only thing I will have to do tomorrow is go to salseros. I have to go tomorrow because we have to start practicing for our next performances that are on Friday and Saturday. I do not mind because I love my Salseros family.
The only thing negative about my weekend is that, seeing parents all over campus makes me miss my parents. For next Meliora weekend, I am going to be sure to invite my parents.


  1. Jessica, I'm so happy we won! I actually wanted to go and see them play but I decided to come home for the weekend. I should have taken your example and have done all of my home work by Friday, then I wouldn't have so much to do today-I had to do some intense studying for my psych test. I hope the rest of your weekend goes well, I'm dreading the fact that it's almost Sunday :(

  2. Jessica - what performances do you have this upcoming week? Do you teach yourselves the dancing or are there more experienced others that show you the moves and teach you? Who plans choreography? Is Omar always your partner or does this change for performances? (It seems like Michael and Talia are always together, that's why I ask).

  3. I am sorry, I am answering late. This past weekend I performed at Todd Union, for the UR performing. I was suppose to perform both Friday and Saturday, but I really wanted to go the haunted hay ride. In salseros, Natalia and Michael are the ones that come up with the dance. They did it this time because most of the members are new, so they helped us out. Next time, I think we are all required to contribute in coming up with dance moves. They teach us and we practice it several times. For all the performances so far, Omar has been my partner. Hopefully that does not change because we communicate well with each other and we got comfortable dancing with him. Some of the moves are very difficult and dangers and there needs to be trust. I have built that trust with Omar.
    They are always together because they were partners last year and they are the only ones that are still in the group.